James Peak Wilderness

This tour begins with a climb out of the Boulder Airport up and over Corona Pass, with great views of Sunshine Canyon, Barker Reservoir and the Eldora Ski area.  After crossing the Continental Divide the tour turns south with fabulous views of the Winter Park/MaryJane ski area, Vasques Wilderness, and the Gore Range.  A transition through Berthoud Pass leads to the James Peak Wilderness area and it’s many cirques and tarns.  These high mountain lakes are beautiful and the terrain is classic alpine.  Next is the east face of James Peak and it’s many steep couloirs  and runnels.  Then a gradual descent back to Boulder via the South Boulder Creek drainage, Gross Reservoir and Eldorado Canyon.  Views of the famous Flatirons, the Colorado University campus and Folsom Stadium are the coup-de-gras of this full-value tour.