Our Founder

Robert Quinlan

     Robert Quinlan is the owner and founder of Alpine Sky Aviation, LLC which was established in 2006.  Rob has lived in Boulder since 1968 and graduated from Boulder High School, the University of Colorado and the University of Colorado Law School.  He has extensive local knowledge as a hiker, biker, skier, climber and fly fisherman.  His love for the mountains began with camping and fishing as a child and grew to include rock, ice and alpine climbing.  Rob has been flying in the Rocky Mountains since 1992 and has logged nearly 2,000 hours as pilot in command of various aircraft.  He is the owner/operator of a Cessna 182 Skylane, which he acquired in 2004.  Rob has been married to his lovely wife Leslie since 1992 and is the father of 17- year-old twins, Ryan and Kyle.  

Our Aircraft

Cessna 182 Skylane

     All of our tours are flown in a Cessna 182 Skylane.  With a roomy cabin, 230 horsepower and a useful load of over 1,000 pounds, the Skylane can take up to three passengers in comfort.  Each passenger gets their own headset for communicating with the pilot and their own window for taking photos or videos.  Our Skylane is meticulously maintained and has modern avionics and instruments.  Our founder and chief pilot, Robert Quinlan, has owned and operated this aircraft since 2004 and has invested much time and money keeping his beloved Skylane in tip-top condition.  Painted in the original scheme and containing mostly the original interior, this aircraft has the feel of a classic.   

Our Pilot

Robert Quinlan

     Rob moved to Boulder in 1968 and has been flying in the Rocky Mountains since 1992.  He is a hiker, biker, skier, climber and fly fisherman.  He has an extensive knowledge of the local mountains, lakes and rivers.  His energy and experience allow him to narrate a fantastic tour you won’t soon forget.   Rob is able to provide our clients with an interesting and informative perspective of the local mountains and the Boulder Valley.  Come fly with him and share his passion for the mountains and aviation.